Amazon trip, Day 3

Shortly before breakfast, another guide informed our guide that there were monkeys fairly close by.  Our guide had told us that monkeys were a common sight, even venturing into the dining room, until about three months prior, when work on a nearby road started and road workers started killing monkeys for food.  We rushed over to the spot where the monkeys had been spotted and watched the monkeys as they ate fruit from the tree.  We then returned to the lodge for breakfast and some more hummingbird viewing before it was time to board the van for the ride back to Cusco.  Not long into our ride, our driver mentioned to our guide that he had a seen a bird at a location we were approaching.  Our guide asked him to stop the car and looked for and found the bird–a well-camouflaged nightjar that was sleeping on a ledge.

Manu nightjar- A photo

At another location, our guide spotted a hike which I got close enough to to snap a photo of

Manu hawk

This is a good photo of the dirt road we drove on to and from Manu Cloud Forest.

en route to Manu A photo 2

Adam snapped this scenic photo during our drive.

en route to Manu A photo 1

This is where we stopped for lunch

returning from Manu lunch spot

And a few more photos taken along the ride back to Cusco

returning from Manu 1

returning from Manu 2

returning from Manu 3

Shortly after returning to our hotel in Cusco, we had to head back out to a plaza where we were meeting to go to a planetarium for a presentation on Incan astronomy just outside of Cusco.  The presentation was interesting and we got to see stars within Southern hemisphere from a telescope afterwards.  After we returned to Cusco, we went  to an upscale Peruvian fusion restaurant situated within the Museo de Arte Precolombino for dinner.  We both decided to go with the three course tasting menu which soon proved to be more food then we could handle.  The presentation was lovely though as Adam’s photos below indicate.

Ceviche appetizer

Ceviche appetizer

Lamb over potato puree

Lamb over potato puree

Dessert, anyone?

Dessert, anyone?

Painfully full, we slowly trekked back to our hotel.




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