Cartagena, Day 3

One day, I hope to get a cool underwater camera like the one the couple we met on our snorkeling trip has so we don’t have to forgo visually documenting our snorkeling experiences for fear of damage to our cameras but, for now, you’ll have to settle for my written descriptions, dear reader.  After a hearty breakfast, we walked back to the dive shop and jumped in a truck to make our way over to the dock to catch our boat over to Isla Grande.  We chatted with the other people in the truck, which included an Australian couple and a fellow who lived in Cambridge.  We boarded the boat for an hour plus ride and exchanged travel stories.  When we got off at Isla Grande, we were greeted with cups of fresh fruit juice, picked up our gear, and then boarded the smaller boat for our snorkeling/diving trip.  The first snorkeling site was disappointing–the coral was about 20-30 feet from the surface and the fish a bit sparse.  The second snorkeling site, however, was really nice–the coral was much closer to the surface and the fish plentiful.  We even saw a pair of cuttlefish for a few minutes, which was lovely.  Afterwards, we headed back to Isla Grande, had a quick lunch, and then boarded the boat back to Cartagena.  We had been warned that the ride back would be a bumpy and wet one and the first half of the ride was very bumpy and we were definitely splashed with water, though not as badly as the people at the back of the boat.

The Australian couple mentioned they would need to find another hotel for the following day and since I hadn’t seen any other guests at the B&B we were staying at, I suggested they check it out.  We exchanged e-mail addresses and, when their dinner plans fell through, we agreed to meet up for dinner.  We had dinner at another Peruvian restaurant.  More pisco sours, ceviche, and, to add to the mix, tiradito.  I would consider relocating to South America just for the ceviche alone.


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