Bangkok, Day 2

It was our second day in Bangkok and we had a busy day ahead of us–we were catching the Chao Phraya Express Boat to see a number of the temples and palaces along the Chao Phraya River.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the names of all the temples we visited but what I do remember was that the ferries were crowded and it was very hot and humid.  At one point, we disembarked at a stop to visit one temple, walked about half an hour inland only to find out that, because it was located near a government complex, the street leading to the temple was closed.  The highlight of the day, though, was seeing the Grand Palace.

Grand Palace 1

Grand Palace 2

Grand Palace 3

Grand Palace 4

Grand Palace 5

Grand Palace 6

Grand Palace 7

Grand Palace 8

Some of the building designs remind me a little of those we saw in Istanbul.  We had dinner reservations for Ian Kittichai’s restaurant Issaya Siamese Club.  The interior was nice but it was an ordeal finding the restaurant–we spent about a half an hour walking around residential and industrial neighborhoods looking for the restaurant before finding a taxi that knew the location.  The food was good but expensive, though they did have this a garlic rice dish I really liked.


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