Siem Reap, Day 1

Another day, another flight, this one to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  After checking into our hotel, we got lunch at a nearby restaurant.  The restaurant has a pleasant interior, an extensive menu, and we shared a really good larb.

Viroths 1

The taxi driver who drove us to the hotel had managed to convince me to go to one of the floating villages so he picked us up after lunch and we made our way to Kompong Phluk.  The drive there took us past rice paddies, elevated houses, and farms and I loved taking in our surroundings.  At one point, we passed by an interesting looking temple so I asked to stop so we could check it out.  Leaving the car, we heard traditional Cambodian music, which was lovely, and I was enchanted by the grounds of the temple which was covered with statues and lush vegetation.

Cambodia temple 1

Cambodia temple 2

After we arrived at the area where the boats that take visitors to the floating villages were docked, we were ushered over to a boat and made our way to the villages.  It was a long, not very interesting boat ride but, the destination made the long boat ride worth it.

en route to floating village

floating village 1

floating village 2

floating village 3

floating village 4

floating village 5

At one point, a seemingly spontaneous boat race seemed to break out among a group of children, which was lovely.  We eventually made our way to one of the villages, where we were taken on a canoe ride around a mangrove forest.

small child on boat mangrove forest

shot of floating village from mangrove boat ride

mangrove forest

shot from mangrove boat ride 1

shot from mangrove boat ride 2

shot from mangrove boat ride 3

shot from mangrove boat ride 4

After our canoe ride, we started to make our way back, enjoying the sunset along the way.  On the way back to our hotel, our driver talked about the hardships of growing up in a floating village, including only having fish to eat and the lack of schools.

sunset on the Tonle Sap

Once we made it back to Siem Reap, we headed out for dinner at a local restaurant and tried amok for the first time.

chicken amok


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