Siem Reap, Day 3

Another day, another early morning.  This time for one of my favorite traveling activities–birdwatching!  We were picked up in a tuk tuk and headed out to the countryside.  The area where we got out was rural and lovely–it felt like I was taken out of the pages of Sunrise Earth.  There was a man tilling a field, a man fishing knee deep in water, and water buffalo.

man fishing in countryside

The birding itself was a disappointment–we didn’t see that many birds at this location and our guide didn’t really have another birding location lined up.  But, once again, I loved seeing the countryside and, when we stopped to see a local temple, we saw a humongous pig walk past.  Our guide agreed to take us to a park in Siem Reap where I had heard there were lots of fruit bats and that was interesting to see–the trees were filled with fairly large sized roosting bats.  After we returned to our hotel, we got lunch at Viroth’s again.

Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

We had an appointment at a local spa–unfortunately, I got bitten up by a mosquito during my foot scrub but our massages were very enjoyable.  We headed back to our hotel to wait for the heat to subside and then went out for dinner at a lovely hotel restaurant where we had this tasty tropical fruit and sorbet dessert.

fruit dessert

Then it was back to Pub Street to catch an Aspara show.

apsara dance 1

apsara dance 2


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