Back to Singapore

We had a flight to catch back to Singapore.  Personally, I think Singapore is a good way to start and end a trip to Southeast Asia–it’s pedestrian friendly, cosmopolitan, has good food, and the water’s safe to drink.  I had booked our second hotel in Singapore through Priceline and instantly regretted doing so because we ended up in a hotel in an out of the way location that wasn’t near the MRT.  Fortunately, it turned out to be fine–the hotel was nice, the location, despite being far from the MRT, was a nice neighborhood with lots of restaurants and shops and, as it turned out, wasn’t too far from where the couple we had dinner with during our first foray into Singapore lived.  After we checked into our hotel, we took a taxi to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  It started pouring not long after we ordered our food–I’m not talking like a standard United States rain, I’m talking full on Southeast Asia style downpour–I felt like we had courtside seats to some kind of weather event.

Le Chasseur- sambal brinjal

Sambal brinjal

I convinced Adam to make the trek at to Jurong Bird Park.  While the MRT ride was long, I enjoyed the opportunity to see different neighborhoods within Singapore.  We grabbed a taxi to the bird park and walked around the bird park to check out the different birds.

Jurong Bird Park- cool bird feathers 1

Jurong Bird Park- cool bird feathers 2

Jurong Bird Park- cool bird

We made our way back to the MRT station and then tried to make it back to the area by our hotel.  I had heard there was a shuttle that went to a mall by our hotel near the MRT station but it was nowhere to be found when we exited the station.  We tried flagging down a taxi but this turned out to be an exercise in futility.  Eventually, we hopped on a bus that we hoped would bring us closer to our destination, ended up getting off at another mall, where we finally managed to get a taxi to the mall where we were meeting our friends for a little tour of the neighborhood.

Our first stop was a popular laksa place, where we shared some bowls of laksa and tasty otak otak.  Our next stop was a small Peranakan museum.  We then stopped off at an eatery to try Singapore’s famous chili crab.  The photo below is of a pancake place that was actually called Batter Fluffy Flaps–gotta love the name and the logo!

Batter Fluffy Flaps logo





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