Exploring the island of Koh Lipe

We didn’t have anything planned our first full day so we took the opportunity to explore the island. As we walked down the beach I came across what appeared to be one of the island’s many stray dogs enjoying himself.

dog buried in sand

Walking Street is the primary way to traverse the island so we found ourselves there again in the morning, where I took these snack photos at a Seven-Eleven.

flavored potato chips 1

flavored potato chips 2

flavored potato chips 3

flavored potato chips 4

choco cake package

cuttlefish crackers

We booked our snorkeling trip for the next day and then set about exploring Sunrise Beach.

Koh Lipe 3

We then made our way inland.

Koh Lipe inland 1

Koh Lipe inland 2

Koh Lipe inland 3

We eventually made our way over to Jack’s Jungle for lunch–I loved the ambiance of the restaurant

Koh Lipe- Jacks Jungle Bar

We traversed Sunrise Beach again in hopes of trying banana cake at a local bakery but, alas, they did not have any

Koh Lipe 4

We had dinner somewhere along Walking Street again and then had a drink at bar and caught a little bit of their screening of Life of Pi before retiring for the night.



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