Journey to Paradise (sort of)

Another day, another flight, this one to Langkawi.  Unfortunately, our flight to Langkawi was delayed by several hours and I panicked, since we had 2:30 boat to catch.  Fortunately, we made it to the Langkawi ferry dock, with time to spare.  The boat ride was bumpy and wet–I was really dizzy by the time we got off the boat.  I slowly recovered as we waited for our passports to be returned to us and then we made our way over to our hotel.  With the exception of the one morning we went bird watching, it had been very hot the entire trip but, the one segment of our trip where we would have liked it to be warm, it was cool and cloudy though, of course, it was still nice to be on an island in the Andaman Sea.  This was, after all, another attraction that drew me to Thailand.

Koh Lipe 1

Koh Lipe 2

We checked into our hotel and then eventually made our way out to the main commercial street in Koh Lipe for dinner.

Our hotel

Our hotel


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