Koh Lipe to Langkawai

We had tickets for a morning boat ride back to Langkawi which, due to sea conditions, was delayed.  The boats had to pick us from the other side of the island and we had to wait for these boats to arrive and to be transported to the other side of the island.  We met a couple from Penang as we waited and they were nice enough to take this photo of us.

Koh Lipe- Adam and I

We finally made it onto the boat and had a very bumpy and wet ride back to Langkawi.  We checked into our hotel room, which had nice, expansive views.

Langkawi- view from hotel 1

Langakawi- view from hotel 2

We took a taxi to a nearby mall, walked around for a bit and then checked out some shops on a commercial street outside where I took a few more food related photos.

swiss roll- pandan flavor

super goat

Then we had dinner at a very popular (and good) Malaysian restaurant and then walked around Kuah.

chicken and green bean dish

Sign at our hotel

Sign at our hotel


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