Last day in Singapore and of our trip

Alas, it was our last day in Singapore and of our trip but we had a full day planned.  We started the day by checking out one of the local malls and then heading over to Asian Pacific Food Expo.

Asian Pacific Food Expo entrance

Asian Pacific Food Expo birds nest beverage

Asian Pacific Food Expo stamped buns

Asian Pacific Food Expo oniony cabernet

Then we made our way over to the Asian Civilizations Museum.  Upon exiting the MRT station, we came across these nice views of the Singapore River

Singapore River 1

Singapore River 2

The museum was a very good one and I took this shot from one of the windows

Marina Bay Sands Hotel daytime

After we finished with the museum, we took a few more photos

Fullerton Hotel

Fullerton Hotel

We hopped on the MRT and made our way back to the East Coast and grabbed dinner at a Vietnamese eatery near our hotel.

Lychee beer, anyone?

Lychee beer, anyone?

Alas, it was time for us to catch a flight back to New York City.  Southeast Asia was awesome–excellent food, lots to see and do, not to mention lots of shopping.  I definitely got bitten by the SE Asia travel bug and hope to return next year!

pastry adpastry ad


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