Snorkeling in Paradise

When we booked our snorkeling trip, we had been hoping for two things–one was calm seas and one was that we would be the only ones on the trip since we’re inexperienced snorkelers.  It was pretty rainy and cold as we left to make our way over to the dive shop and when we got there, we discovered another couple would be coming with us.  We waited for them to arrive and chatted with one of the dive instructors, who, to our amusement, explained that while she did not like fish, she liked teaching people to dive.  The other couple arrived and we headed out–the weather was pretty windy and rainy but, thankfully, I had picked up some Dramamine the day before and felt fine on the boat (the same couldn’t be said for the other female, unfortunately).  We chatted with her husband while she tried to weather the seasickness.

It’s hard to remember all the details of our snorkeling trip at this point but I do remember that the snorkeling was good, despite the bad weather, Adam even seemed to enjoy himself which, made me happy,  our boxed lunch, by outdoor excursion standards, was stellar (gotta love Thailand!), and the couple we shared the boat with turned out to be great company.


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